Student Meetings

ASEF does not believe that paying tuition fees and providing school supplies to our students is enough for them to succeed in life. We think that they need more than that and we are more than ready to do our best to help them in various ways.

It is in this context that ASEF organizes student meetings that take place at the end of each semester in our beneficiaries’ district of residence to review and evaluate their behaviour and school performance. We discuss issues they may have encountered at school and help them to solve those issues. We also engage and share various tips and advice to empower and help them achieve their different career and life dreams.

ASEF uses that opportunity to also talk to their parents and share with them the best way of helping students to keep performing well, we do that through different programs like Positive Parenting. We also remind them that with ASEF supporting their children’s education does not mean that their responsibilities are done. ASEF work hand in hand with parents, guardians, and authorities in the education sector to bring a positive impact on our students’ daily lives.

Students singing at the begining of the. meeting
Meetings are the opportunity to meet students and parents