Annual Camping (AC)

Even if ASEF students are very bright, they are challenged in the university admissions process. 2 years ago, ASEF initiated AC to support top-performing students by preparing them to be thoughtful, expressive, creative thinkers starting from the time they are young.

Finishing the camp at St Andre
Finishing AC at St Andre

ASEF conducted a camp in April 2019 at St Andre College in Kigali. There, all students were excited to use the best smart labs in Rwanda, but also it opened their eyes to how the technology is being developed, although they were bright they have never exposed to such technology. After the sessions, you could realize how they were freer to express themselves and adjusting their ideas with happy faces due to lessons they got such as public speaking, essay writing, and how to use available resources properly like computers and the internet. It was not easy to have students from 12 districts logged together for 1 week, and ASEF appreciates the time and a lot of effort put by Peace Corps Volunteers, Education Advisor in the US Embassy in Kigali to prepare materials used and being near students during the camp. Hands up to Jessica Linus for helping in group interviews and storytelling lessons in December 2020. Here is an example of an essay written by a student called Nayituriki Theogene from Karongi District after the camp:


In this developing world, everybody needs development. People need to develop using different ways. One of those ways is by using social media. Social media mainly in the youth help them in education, in business, and also in relaxation. Therefore, social media has positive impacts on youth.

 Firstly, social media helps youth in education. When students in their different studies finish studying, they can apply for the scholarship using their e-mail addresses which are also social media. Social media also help students in their studies. It is also useful in making different school documents including reports, parent sheets, notices among others. Thus, social media play a major importance in education.

 Also, social media helps the youth to carry out business. During entrepreneurship activities, one can use social media to advertise making his/her products known on the market. It can also be used in marketing one’s products using different means of social media. Through social media, one also can generate new business ideas for innovation and business growth. Therefore, social media is useful in business.

 Lastly, after the impacts of social media on education and businesses, it is also useful in relaxation. The youth use social media for playing movies, listening to songs, and also play games for them to relax. Hence, social media is important in relaxation.

Conclusively, as said above, social media has many important on the youth. People mainly the youth can use social media during their studies, in communication, and for entertainment. So, everybody needs social media for him/her to carry out his/her activities to make the world shiny.

Criteria for attending AC

  • First position in class for the previous academic year
  • Exemplary behaviour
  • Basic English proficiency
  • Succeeding in oral interviews

A brief history

In December 2018, more than 100 students did the interview. Among them, 35 were selected to do the camp of one week in April 2019. In July 2019 ASEF met them near their districts to follow up with the lessons they learned in April. In December 2019, ASEF conducted group interviews that had a speciality of how to be good storytellers.


One student who attended the camp called Niyomugabo Ferdinand from Nyanza District explained how AC helped him and how he is ready to succeed in all required exams to enter university. That student got the aggregate of 73/73 in 2019 end of secondary school national exams. He said:

“My name is Ferdinand Niyomugabo from Nyanza District. I studied PCB at College du Christ – Roi. I was one of the students who attended the first Annual Camping that took place at College Saint Andre from 15th to 19th of April 2019.

 I studied how to apply for different Universities, essay writing, public speaking in delivering a speech to the audience, journey of stopping Genocide against Tutsi from the tour we made at the Rwandan Parliament.

 Among the knowledge I got from AC include applying for Universities. So, I applied to the University of Global Health Equity located in Butaro – Burera District. They received my application form and now I’m preparing a written exam.  I hope that I will pass the written exam and use another gotten knowledge of public speaking during an interview.”

Niyomugabo Ferdinand, AC Scholar 2019

ASEF is happy to see how students become enthusiasts after being selected in AC. It has been affecting the whole group of ASEF students, where all of them want to be the first of their class to become AC candidates.

Group interview- Ruhango
Group Interview in Ruhango District