About ASEF

African Students’ Education Fund (ASEF ) is a non-profit organization based in the United States of America that has been providing scholarships to secondary school students in Rwanda since 2007. These students have the promising intellectual capacity, yet are in great financial need.

Testimonial of our Student


Penina Muhabwanimana

  • Current senior at the University of Rwanda studying Dentistry
  • ASEF student 2013 – 2015, Collège Saint André

Before receiving ASEF’s sponsorship, things were not easy, I was studying without hope of continuing advanced level. Many times, I asked my parents how we will solve that issue and they always responded that only God knows (they didn’t have any answer).

My dream was to become a doctor. If ASEF couldn’t help me, I couldn’t be able to study to become a dentist as I am achieving it. My dreams are becoming true because of ASEF. The message I can give ASEF students is that success comes from the tail and there is no shortcut. To achieve their vision, they have to work hard. They have to be proud of who they are, be happy because they have someone who sponsors them, they have to use the opportunity they have because many students didn’t get the same chance and who needed the help too.