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ASEF School Visits 2019

Since the beginning of 2019 academic year, ASEF has visited different secondary schools. ASEF considers those visits to be a great motivation for students through open and group conversations.

This year, ASEF has visited APEKI Tumba TVET, Mukingi Secondary School, Kagogo Secondary School, Janja St Jerome GS, Kavumu TVET, College Karambi, ESKI Kirambo, Kigoma Secondary School, Gikonko Secondary School, and Rukozo Secondary School.

Visiting secondary schools frequently has strengthened the partnership between ASEF and schools, and all students’ issues are solved in a timely manner.  Thanks to schools’ administration for their warmly welcome.

This activity of visiting schools is ongoing and ASEF wishes to visit as many schools as possible and in all districts.



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