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Annual Camping Interviews results

We are pleased to announce that the results of Annual Camping (AC) interviews are out. The goal of AC is to prepare potential ASEF students for postsecondary opportunities especially being able to compete for international universities scholarships. Each district is represented by 3 students, we congratulate them for showing their potential in schools where they come from. Here is the list of them:

No Student Name District
1 BIZIMANA Peter Burera
2 UWIDUHAYE Jean de Dieu Burera
3 UZABAKIRIHO Vital Burera
4 KANANI Blaise Gakenke
5 NIRINGIYIMANA Theoneste Gakenke
6 TUYIPFUKAMIRE Emerance Gakenke
7 DUKUZUMUREMYI Jean Claude Gisagara
8 DUSHIMIRIMANA Dominique Xavier Gisagara
9 NIYOGISUBIZO Salomon Gisagara
10 NIYOKWIZERWA Emerance Kamonyi
12 UWIMANA Dieudonne Kamonyi
13 IYATURINZE Dieudonne Karongi
14 NAYITURIKI Theogene Karongi
15 UWIHOREYE Emmanuel Karongi
16 NIYIGENA Samuel Musanze
17 TUYISHIME Emmanuel Musanze
18 UWABERA Telesphore Musanze
19 IZERIMANA Janvier Nyabihu
20 MUHAWENIMANA Eugenie Nyabihu
21 MUHOZA Olive Nyabihu
22 BIZIMANA Jean Claude Nyanza
23 ISHIMWE Josiane Nyanza
24 NIYOMUGABO  Ferdinand Nyanza
25 DUKUNDIMANA Claude Ruhango
26 NSHIZIRUNGU Jean Berchmas Ruhango
27 SIBOMANA Theoneste Ruhango
28 BENIHIRWE Placide Rulindo
29 MUSABYEMARIYA Marie Aimee Rulindo
30 NIYOMUGABO Emmanuel Rulindo
31 BOYI Boniface Rutsiro
32 IZIBYOSE Jean Pierre Rutsiro
33 IRADUKUNDA Desire Rutsiro
34 IRADUKUNDA Anitha Rwamagana
35 IRADUKUNDA David Rwamagana
36 RYUMUGABE Barthelemy Rwamagana


6 thoughts on “Annual Camping Interviews results”

  1. It’s really interesting ; continue for your support to those students who really deserve it ,me to I was the one whom you gave support in my studies for one year but was so good for me
    may God guide you.

  2. Iam Emmanuel NDUWAYEZU,Iam sponsed by ASSEF from 2010-2012 and I always appreciate your support,it is good program for students this AC will help student to increase confidence in speaking after graduation and also it will encourage student at school to work hard in order to win ticket for next AC.

    Always God bless your plan.

    1. Hello Emmanuel, it’s a pleasure to hear from you again. Your comments on AC are so positive, thank you!

  3. I, Barthelemy RYUMUGABE, the beneficiary of ASEF prove that AC of 2019 in St. Andre helped me a lot. If I list the benefits I acquired there, I can not get sheets for presentation. But, in brief, the 2019 AC was really grateful. Because of it, I am in Isomo academy of Bridge2Rwanda which so helpful in my future and that of our country. I promise ASEF not to disappoint them in their expectations of me.

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