César Iturere Cyuzuzo

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César Iturere Cyuzuzo

  • Current sophomore at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln studying Conservation Agriculture
  • ASEF student 2012 – 2018, Petit Séminaire Saint Jean de Nkumba

I am firstborn in a family of two siblings and a single mother. I didn’t have a chance of being raised with both parents; one of them couldn’t manage parenting responsibilities so he decided to leave us when we were still too young.

Though I was taught to always work hard when I was still so young, I didn’t have any hope for a bright future because even getting the basic needs at home was a very big problem. I will never forget the tears I shed when I was informed that I passed the exam to attend a seminary school, to me passing was meaningless because I didn’t have all I needed to attend that school.

ASEF became my second parent and provided me with everything I needed in my studies. I didn’t miss any school material or tuition fees. On a special note, ASEF became like a family to me, it is through that I was able to meet very special people, friends, its employees and leaders.

One of the most challenging ideas I have ever had is competing for a scholarship to study abroad with many bright people from rich families from all over the country. Though it was difficult for me to do it, I became bold and tried it then I came to realize that when you start to work hard when you are still very young, doors to a successful life open for you every day.

The values that help me every day are working hard and loving what I do, these make me successful in my studies and be able to help others as ASEF always encouraged us to do when we were still young.