ASEF thought about giving the supplies to the students as the basic demands in their studies that come up to the tuition fees because the schools require the students to bring them each term. Most of ASEF beneficiaries are from rural areas where their families do not take hygiene as the priority due to the supplies are too expensive and they can’t afford them. ASEF does all those things just to make sure that the students are safe at school with all the possible supporting financial means including hygiene as an important pillar to health.

Each student gets full package and backpack that are containing the hygienic materials and the school stationaries. Those supplies are; 6 large notebooks, 12 small notebooks, 15 blue and 6 black pens, backpack, 10 packs of sanitary pads and sanitary belt for girls, sheet set (set of 2), towel, 20 rolls of toilet papers, 3 toothbrushes/toothpaste, 10 body soaps, 6 bars of laundry soaps. For rising senior 1 and senior 4 students, ASEF adds mattress, bucket, clipboard, mathematical set, ruler and blanket.

ASEF encourages the students to use them well because they are provided once per year at the beginning of term one. This enables students to develop the mindset of managing the recourses they have without taking advantage of and use them in the wrong way. The students are always expected to have hygiene and being healthy since before getting the supplies, ASEF provides guidance in using the supplies in giving each student a hygiene sensitization copy. Besides that, ASEF would wish to see the bright future for all supported students and their families looking happier.