Home Visits

ASEF covers the sponsorships of tuition and school materials to vulnerable and bright students in secondary schools. ASEF used to meet with sponsored students at their districts and schools only. It is in that context that ASEF had the curiosity to start visiting sponsored students at their homes in order to know where they spend their holidays, what they do and with who they live together.

This activity started this year (2019) and ASEF staff travel together with students from their schools up to their homes. It is interesting to reach in a new village and home; students and their parents are very welcoming. During home visits, ASEF sees the real life of students with their families and it helps ASEF to have fruitful conversations with students during meetings they have at the end of each term.

Towards one of ASEF students’ home
Towards one of ASEF students’ home

In 2019, ASEF conducted 60 home visits in all Rwandan provinces. It is a good experience and ASEF is happy to continue the activity since it increases the interaction between ASEF, students and their families.

2 thoughts on “Home Visits”

  1. Hello! I am happy to appreciate my dad eric for what he has done when i was studying at nyarutovu secondary school from 2013to 2015. They helped me in financial , mattress. Eric and Stephanie give me advice that help me to success national examination with high socer. Then after I continued to study in university of Rwanda since2016 to 2021 .so now ,I have BSc degree in nursing from university of Rwanda.
    I appreciate you !
    God bless you

    1. Hello Emmanuel! We are pleased to hear from you and that you’re doing great and you were able to achieve your dreams. Rwandans will benefit from your work as an examplar nurse. Where are you working? Keep shining and we are very proud of you!

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