Graduate Meetings

ASEF beneficiaries complete their scholarship with ASEF at the end of senior 6. Those who finish senior 6, are called ASEF graduates because they are no longer supported by ASEF. Many of them continue to study at different universities and colleges. The big part continues their studies in Rwanda, some go to IPRCs or UR. But we have others who apply for abroad scholarships and study in the USA, Germany and Asia.

Even if ASEF does not support graduates with tuition and supplies, ASEF also gives them guidance for their future after leaving the program through meetings called “ASEF Graduates Meetings (AGM)”. Because of the lack of internet and computers, some of them don’t have emails at the period of applying in university, ASEF helps them to open emails for those ones who don’t have them. Also, ASEF helps them doing the application process in Rwandan universities where they are allocated. ASEF takes that opportunity to share with them different abroad scholarship links to apply and other opportunities.

Furthermore, ASEF does the selection of some graduates to help ASEF in student meetings and other activities which help them to improve their professional experience. ASEF expects that all graduates will continue their studies in different universities around the world, develop themselves, their families, and the community for better future by using the leadership and problem-solving skills that we always encourage them to have, ASEF hopes that they will be role models for the society.