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Introduction of Sanitary Belt to our female students

In addition to school supplies that ASEF has been providing to all students, in 2018 it introduced an easy to use sanitary belt to all its female students to wear during the menstruation period. Each student gets one per year at the same time as they receive school supplies. ASEF staff introducing sanitary belt This… Continue reading Introduction of Sanitary Belt to our female students

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ASEF School Visits 2019

Since the beginning of 2019 academic year, ASEF has visited different secondary schools. ASEF considers those visits to be a great motivation for students through open and group conversations. This year, ASEF has visited APEKI Tumba TVET, Mukingi Secondary School, Kagogo Secondary School, Janja St Jerome GS, Kavumu TVET, College Karambi, ESKI Kirambo, Kigoma Secondary… Continue reading ASEF School Visits 2019

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Annual Camping Interviews results

We are pleased to announce that the results of Annual Camping (AC) interviews are out. The goal of AC is to prepare potential ASEF students for postsecondary opportunities especially being able to compete for international universities scholarships. Each district is represented by 3 students, we congratulate them for showing their potential in schools where they… Continue reading Annual Camping Interviews results

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Student Meetings In 2018 Annual Holidays

Starting from December 04th to December 13th, 2018, ASEF will conduct Student Meetings during the annual holidays. In these meetings, all ASEF scholars will get school supplies except Senior 3 students who will wait for national examination results, and Senior 6 who recently finished their secondary studies. At the end of each term, ASEF organizes… Continue reading Student Meetings In 2018 Annual Holidays