How We Work

ASEF has been providing full tuition and school supplies to secondary school students in Rwanda since 2007. Currently, ASEF sponsors over 1,150 students in 12 districts of Rwanda which are Burera, Gakenke, Gisagara, Kamonyi, Karongi, Musanze, Nyabihu, Nyanza, Rulindo, Ruhango, Rutsiro, Rwamagana.

Involvement of Local Authority in Selection of ASEF Scholars

ASEF collaborates with the districts and sectors authorities typically District Education officers (DEOs), Vice Mayor Social Affairs, Director of Social Affairs, JADF Officers, Sector Education Inspectors (SEIs) to identify the vulnerable and bright students. Not always ASEF works with these administrators; it depends on the district and the people last worked with.

Every time before new intakes, ASEF plans a meeting with district and sector authorities to be in line for the selection as the opportunities are only for students who meet all criteria listed as below on Criteria of Selection. In these meetings, ASEF shares the current criteria and remind the attendants that the candidates should come with all required documents listed on Required Documents. The flyers and posters are also provided to be published in sectors, and cells to maximize the opportunity of getting ASEF scholarship to all vulnerable and bright students who meet the criteria.

ASEF having meeting with local authorities

The students who think they qualify for the selection must request to be considered on sector list, and the sector will inform the students the specified dates of selection at the district. Students must attend the selection at the district in person to be considered, and they must be sent by their sectors.

Further notices about ASEF applications are given at the district in meeting with all candidates from sectors. Please be reminded that being on the list of candidates from sector doesn’t guarantee ASEF scholarship.

Criteria of Selection

  • Entering S1 or S4
  • Be in the top 10 of the class
  • Be in division 1 or 2 in the latest national examinations
  • Must be in Ubudehe category 1 or 2 in one of 12 districts mentioned
  • Good behavior

Required Documents

A student whose name was submitted by Sector Education Inspector (SEI) must bring the following documents on the date of selection:

  • REB results copy from the school showing their results
  • REB results code
  • Previous year’s school report – Original
  • Student national ID if they are of age
  • The original ID card of both parents or guardians
  • LODA form with strictly Ubudehe category 1 & 2
  • Recent passport photo

Note: Being on the list of candidates from sector doesn’t guarantee ASEF scholarship. A scholarship is guaranteed after being selected at the district.